What my clients are saying....

I cannot recommend Timea enough! She is not only exceptionally knowledgeable but also genuinely caring and dedicated to her patients well-being.

Her holistic approach is tailored to each individual, ensuring that every aspect of health is considered. Trust me when I say that !! She took the time to thoroughly understand my health concerns, history, and lifestyle before crafting a personalized treatment plan. Her ability to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, made me feel empowered and confident in my health journey.
Timea's compassion is evident in every interaction. She listens attentively, answers all questions with patience, and follows up diligently to track progress. Her commitment to seeing her patients thrive is truly inspiring. Thanks to her guidance and expertise, I have seen significant improvements in my health and overall quality of life.
I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a naturopathic practitioner who combines deep expertise with a heartfelt dedication to patient care. She is a true gem in the field of naturopathic medicine, and I am grateful to have found such an incredible health partner.❤️

Adriana G.

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible support and guidance you have provided me throughout our journey together. Working with you as my functional therapist has truly been transformative, and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me.

As you know, I embarked on this journey with the goal of making significant lifestyle changes, particularly in relation to my alcohol consumption and chaotic eating habits. The symptoms I was experiencing were overwhelming, and at times, it felt like a huge challenge to overcome. Things like bloated stomach, abdominal pains, nausea, palpitation after most of the meals, low energy, bad sleep and many others. In a nutshell, symptoms you usually search on google and the results are not very encouraging. However, with your guidance and support, I was able to navigate through the complexities and address the root causes of my issues.

One aspect of your approach that I deeply appreciate is your flexibility and understanding. You never imposed strict rules or restrictions but instead offered alternative solutions that were not only effective but also enjoyable. Your ability to give recommendations to my individual needs and preferences made the process much more manageable and sustainable.

Your role as a motivator has been so important. As someone who tends to seek quick results, your encouragement and reassurance during moments of doubt were instrumental in keeping me on track. Your positivity and belief in my ability to succeed have been a constant source of strength throughout this journey.

My symptoms have significantly improved, and some have even disappeared entirely. Not only do I feel physically healthier, but I also have more energy, motivation, and mental clarity than ever before. The positive impact on my overall wellbeing cannot be overstated. There's nothing more satisfying than living with ZERO anxiety, after most of your life you were in a battle with it.

Although our formal program has come to an end, the lessons I have learned from you will stay with me for a lifetime. I now have a deeper understanding of my body, how to respect it and be disciplined, as well as the mindset to prioritize long-term health over short-term indulgence. Your teachings have empowered me to continue making positive choices and to live my best life possible.

Mircea M.

My collaboration with Timea came at the right time. I was already facing the unpleasantness caused by the hormonal imbalance, which sets in during perimenopause.
Based on the analyzes indicated by Timea, the nutrition diary and the wonderful discussions during the meetings, I understood how I can achieve balance in the body and maximum energy.
All the digestion protocols and indications received from Timea, of course customized according to the needs of my body, were and will continue to be a valuable landmark for me to follow.
I feel lucky and grateful that I met Timea and that I can share my experience with others!
Cherish your health and enjoy life! 🙏🤗

Ioana P.

Working with Timea significantly transformed my perspective on health and well-being. We began our journey six months ago when I was battling severe dysmenorrhea and bloating. Initially, I relied heavily on medication to manage these conditions, but now, just half a year later, I no longer need pharmaceuticals and am pain-free.

Timea has been an incredibly supportive guide throughout this process, proving to have remarkable patience and calm, especially given that I haven't always been the easiest to handle patient. Her approach led to rapid and surprising benefits, despite my occasional deviations from her recommended path.

I strongly recommend Timea to anyone facing persistent health challenges or those simply seeking to enhance their overall quality of life.

Laura T.

I've started with Timea about a year ago and I've improved my energy levels and my digestion so much that I can't recommend her enough!
Is definitely a road you should take as it gives you a better version of you at the end.
Thank you Timea for all your help and determination to keep me on the right track!🙏

Marcel Fodorean

I have greatly benefited from my sessions with Timea. Her tailor-made therapy has really helped me to understand and see nutrition from a different and more holistic way. She is always so professional, caring, approachable and genuine and responds to requests/questions quickly. Would recommend to all who are looking to improve their gut health/health in general and get to the root cause of health issues. A wonderful experience which will have a lasting impact.

Sofia Hanif

A Lifesaver - The Best Nutritionist and Health Coach Ever!

I would give more stars if I could. It is rare to come across someone so dedicated and caring in their field as Timea, and I cannot stress enough how impactful her guidance and expertise have been to my overall health improvement journey.

I've been struggling with fatigue, low mood, digestion issues and acne for a long time. Timea's level of expertise, personal care, and the genuine interest she showed in my well-being has been incredibly reassuring from the very beginning of our work together.

Her dedication and interest go beyond the typical nutritionist-client relationship. Timea has been a constant source of motivation, not only helping me with dietary decisions but also instilling a healthier mindset towards food and overall wellness. With her guidance, I've seen remarkable changes, not just physically but also in my energy levels, mood, and overall outlook on life.

Another aspect that truly sets her apart is her availability to answer questions and support you morally outside the weekly sessions. I can't express how valuable this has been to me. There's been instances where I've had questions or concerns even outside of the usual working hours and her swift and thorough responses reassured me and kept me going.

Thank you for your relentless dedication and guidance to improving my health and helping me understand the root cause of my struggles. I am extremely grateful for your help.

Tina Mati

I cannot recommend Timea enough. She is very thorough ,devoted and knowledgeable . It is absolutely fascinating how many things I have learned from her and how much I have managed to improve my lifestyle .
For almost 2 years now I was struggling with Candida and BV infection on and off . I was tired of taking drugs every 2 months and it was depressing to have the same results every time I had another test .
I felt very helpless and frustrated, I was ready to give up and then I came across Timea's profile where she was posting about these issues .I know Timea for a few years now and I felt a real relief hoping that she might help me .
So we started our journey , with looking at the root of the problem and with a lot of education about having the right lifestyle, food and habits, also she prescribed a few food supplements which really helped . I am not quite where I want to be , but for sure my symptoms did improved a lot and I am certain that we will get where we want to be , however, it takes time (as she explained to me from the start) , which I really appreciate it , as I knew what to expect and to be ready for a long process of healing. Thank you , Timi for all your help and devotion ! I am very grateful!

Andrea Kadar

Timea is a lovely person and a highly professional and dedicated therapist.
I loved working with her as the passion that she has for the human body and how it all works together it's both fascinating and exciting.
I have known Timea for over 4 years and she was always there for me with advice. I have learnt so many life changing habits, that I am using every day. I am still learning now, every time we meet up ❤
When I was presenting with a few conditions for example, a scalp rash which I had for a couple of years, a bad digestion, issues with my menstruation, Timea recommended to have a full blood test, and this is how I found out I am gluten intolerant, with high cholesterol and a vitamin deficit. Not a very good overall health.
I am gratefully, proudly, and happily writing that after working together with her, as my Nutritional Therapist, my overall health has majorly improved and my health issues are mostly resolved and, I am felling fantastic, energetic and healthy. 😊

This is and will be by far, one of the best things that I could do for my body, my health and my whole family's wellbeing and I couldn't reach here without her help.

Thank you Timea, for all your dedication, passion, kindness and knowledge that you have helped me with and, for just being there every time I needed you!

Anyone that is struggling with any health conditions, or if you just want to change your eating and health habits, I am totally recommending Timea, to start your journey. 🥇

Elena Muresan

Timea has always been around me and I have always abounded with various questions related to health and lifestyle. Like a good specialist, she recommended me to look inside, problems always coming from the body.
After years of struggling with foot fungus, skin rashes (that's all I saw) I decided to have an appointment.
It was a pleasant, expected surprise to see how much dedication and passion she talks about the human body. My friend immediately became my therapist and personal guide to proper healing.
I still have steps to follow, I still have to learn how to deal with the new lifestyle, but I know it's easy because she is always there 100%
Timea is by far my most sincere recommendation !!!
!!Don't hesitate to contact her it can be one of the best experience with a Nutritional Therapist!!!

Andreea-Raluca M.

Timea is one of most empathetic person that I know and she will treat you with kindness and interest.
I recommend her for her professionalism and because she is very passionate and involved in what she does.
No matter what your problem is I'm sure she will quide you and support you .
Be confident and let her help you!

Mira Bella

I started my programme with Timea as I discovered I'm intolerant to gluten, dairy and cane sugar. I'm also diabetic type 1 so there were lot of things that needed to change and I had no idea where to start and what to do. She helped me a lot with her advice and knowledge and guided me in this journey
She is the best of the best !!!! Because of her I was able to change my health lifestyle and food behaviour in the last 3 years .
I'm really grateful to her and highly recommend to anyone.

Dora M

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis, Hemoglobin Lepore syndrome and pityriasis versicolor. A friend that managed to implement a healthy lifestyle, gained a lot of energy and lose weight has recommended Timea, which helped her.
When I started speaking with Timea Kiss, I had lots of pains during my period so I wanted to implement a healthy lifestyle, but also I wanted to be sure that this process won't get frustrating by some food restrictions and that my food plan won't do more harm to my health and endometriosis stage.
For the past two months (and more to come ) Timea Kiss has been my partner in this journey and I can say that her energy is overwhelming.
Together (as she says but I know that its all thanks to her ) we managed in such a short time and with only few approach changes to reduce endometriosis symptoms, solve constipation, bring energy in every day schedule due to the fact that wellbeing and sustainable lifestyle is the new state of mind.
She is very prepared with information for almost all kinds of diseases. She is interested in solving health problems, she explains every recommendation and she understands body language Its like she is talking to the body by it's symptoms.
I appreciate and I strongly recommend her because she is a very kind person, is malleable, is dedicated to her work. is proactive and very very well prepared.
Thank you Timea for your time, for your kindness, for your energy, for hope that you give me every time we met and for your professionalism!
P.S: And by the way, we were able to do all this via Zoom meetings and that's great!

Ioana M.

I contacted Timea last summer as my diet and health was on a wrong track and also wanted prepare my body for pregnancy. After a full panel blood test we came up with a diet and vitamin plan which would helped me to get the right nutrition and diet.
Here I am 8 months pregnant feeling great!

Agota B.

Timea Kiss Nutritional Therapist is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping. She took the time to understand my habits, explained what I could do better and made a plan on how to improve my overall health. She was always available to answer my questions and was keen to follow up on my progress, regularly sharing ideas, recommendations or recipes, so I never felt overwhelmed.
I do follow Timea's advice on a daily basis - be it related to nutrition or lifestyle, so this is a testament to the positive impact it had on me. I highly recommend you reach out to her.

Ligia A.

Timea Kiss is a highly professional individual, skilled at well being, nutrition and health. Timea is very patient and listens carefully and is dedicated to giving her time. Timea is thoughtful, kind and compassionate and creates a safe space in order to obtain the desired outcome. Would highly recommend Timea!

A former client.