Stool testing for skin issues and allergies

Stool testing for skin issues and allergies

Yes, this is me 😊

🟢The picture on the left was taken in 2017 when my whole neck and chest area was covered with hives and the on on the right was taken today. You know that stinging, itching, burning sensation, don't you?

🟢It was a horrible sensation , lasted for days and had no clue what was going on. They seemed to appear out of the blue. But this was just the cherry on top.

🟢My problems started way back in my childhood with severe allergies to dust mites and pet dander which later progressed to asthma attacks during the night, 2 anaphylactic shocks, severe hand eczema and finally hives.

🟢And all these happened while I was under treatment with antihistamines, inhaler, steroid creams and medication! Shocking, right?

🟢I always felt that there must be something going on inside my body, so when I started studying naturopathic medicine, I quickly realised that no one addressed my root cause, that's why my illness was getting worse and worse.

🟢Yes, I've cut out dairy and eggs, I even went vegan overnight for almost 3 years (that's how desperate I was), and although I felt better, it didn't fix my problems.

So what did I do?

✅Did a comprehensive stool test
✅Addressed my gut issues: leaky gut, dysbiosis, candida overgrowth (major drivers in ALL allergic diseases)
✅Improved my sleep (major driver in immune conditions)
✅Reduced my stress levels
✅Corrected my nutrient deficiencies
✅Improved my digestion and nutrient absorption
✅Improved my immune health

Was it easy? NO
Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY

😍And you know what? I can even enjoy dairy and eggs now, without any reaction! This is what true healing means!

🙌🏻Take back the control of your health! It's empowering!



Stool testing for skin issues and allergies