Is your skin a reflection of your gut health?

Can an unhealthy gut be the root cause of your skin issues?

Whenever a client with skin issues comes to my clinic, the gut is the first I investigate with a comprehensive stool test.


Because The root cause of many skin issues is indeed in the gut.

🆘If your gut is inflamed, your gut flora is out of balance, you are constipated, bloated , this will negatively impact the way you clear out toxins from your body and it will show up on your skin.

✅So if you are struggling with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, hives and other type of skin rashes, you should start looking at your gut health.

🆘I'm sure you noticed that all the prescribed ointments, lotions and creams either only work for a short while, not work at all, or, from my clinical and personal experience, make your rashes worse!

✅Start by eliminating from your diet the inflammatory foods and work with a registered practitioner to help you heal your gut, rebalance your gut flora and eliminate any possible fungal overgrowth from your gut.

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Can an unhealthy gut be the root cause of your skin issues?